Peter Hastings
Peter has been obsessed with videogames since he was five years old and his dad sat him down in front of a Commodore 64 to show him how to play 'Adventure'. As a child trapped in the cultural wilderness of Oregon and starved for new games, Peter taught himself to program and soon assembled several rudimentary but nourishing game demos.

After graduating from college, Peter abandoned a promising career in the United State's nuclear weapons program in order to pursue his lifelong dream of making even bigger explosions in software. He was hired by Insomniac Games, where he made 9 of the Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, and Resistance games.

But he was not yet satisfied. Sensing that the time of the fabled Indie Game Developer Renaissance was at hand, Peter sojourned from Insomniac to start his own studio with Lesley Mathieson, where they have conspired to make quirky, clever titles with small teams ever since.

Lesley Mathieson
Lesley grew up on a steady diet of Hoyle's books, obscure board games, text adventures and MUDs. After earning a degree in film from UCLA and finding herself as a hazmat-suit-wearing extra in a rap video, she began to suspect that her true calling lay elsewhere.

She soon found herself hopping from one great company to another - Interplay, Microprose, and Ubisoft, before finally settling down at Insomniac Games as a senior designer on the Ratchet & Clank series, and lead designer/project manager on Resistance: Fall of Man. Whether it was timing a grindrail challenge to music or working out how protopets might overrun you in a supermarket, the Ratchet series was very close to her heart. When she co-founded High Impact Games, she jumped right back into the Ratchet universe.

When not doing design, project management, writing, and business development for Inkling or dressing her children as Moogles, Lesley can usually be found on the couch, watching BBC reruns and cursing colorfully at the yarn in her lap. She owns exactly 38 cubic feet of pen-and-paper roleplaying books, and knows exactly where to find each of them at any given moment.