The UnEarth Initiative

In the 31st century, Earth is coping with its overpopulation issues by sending its least desirable citizens on a colonization program in outer space. Unfortunately for the colonists, the United Earth Alliance hasn't allocated much of its budget to building sturdy ships! After crashing at your destination, your crew sets out to explore and survive on an alien world. You'll start with a small colony, and, if all goes well, grow it into a thriving, populated new home. If not, well, there are plenty more eligible "volunteers" back on Earth.


Lonely Ship

A solitary vessel embarks on an endless voyage to recover the remnants of humanity. Lonely Ship is a game about exploration and discovery in a beautiful painterly universe. Your lights can only illuminate what's directly in front of you. You'll need a good memory and quick reflexes to navigate hazards as they come in and out of view.

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Ready for a different perspective on puzzle games? Cubit features 3D puzzles with a 2D twist - conquer each level by arranging cubes into the correct configuration, as seen from the front, the top, and the side.