About The UnEarth Initiative

The UnEarth Initiative is a science fiction game created by veteran developers of the classic Playstation 2 Ratchet & Clank series. This 3D sim mixes humor and charm with the deep gameplay of building and exploration on a previously undiscovered planet.

Set in the 31st century, Earth is coping with overpopulation by sending its least desirable citizens on a poorly budgeted colonization program in outer space. After crash landing at your destination, your colonists set out to explore and survive on an alien world. But it won’t be easy managing a motley crew of ex-convicts, political subversives and unstable citizens. If you can band them together into a team, and overcome their… eccentricities, you can build a successful colony. If not, well, there are plenty more eligible “volunteers” back on Earth!

The UnEarth Initiative will feature planets with randomized terrain, creatures and plant-life. Players will balance their time between focusing on building a secure underground home for their colonists and sending out exploration teams to look for new plants and creatures. Complicating matters are your relationship with other alien races, the personality quirks of your own colonists, and random events, such as invading alien garden pests or a space plague. Your only allies in survival are Man’s Best Friend, the faithful Rovots. Colonists may program Rovots to serve their every need – and even a few things they don’t need!

Interested in keeping up with our progress? You can check out our Dev Blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates. Or Pre-order to get access to our up-coming Beta!