What is The UnEarth Initiative?

UnEarth is a space-colonization simulation, made by the folks at Inkling Games.

Do you guys have a presskit? I prefer getting info from presskits.

Sure thing. You can find our presskit here.

How did you come up with the idea?

We started on UnEarth the day we realized that A) we love space, and B) colonizing space is vastly more fun when you do it with a team of misfits who have absolutely no business being there.

When can I play it?

Soon! We're planning on having a beta release in the next couple of months, and shipping the game officially in the summer of 2015. If you'd like in on the beta, you can get in by pre-ordering the game.

Sounds good! What platforms will it run on?

We're supporting PC, Mac, and Linux when we launch. We're considering bringing the game to other platforms too, but whether we do this or not depends a great deal on how the controls feel. UnEarth is designed around a mouse and keyboard; We won't bring it to consoles unless we can find a way to make it feel just as slick when you play with a controller.

Will there be modding support?

Oh yes. You'll be able to write scripts to add custom behaviors to characters, and create unique events. You'll also be able to tweak the parameters of in-game objects and reskin them by importing custom textures.

I want to relentlessly track your progress on the game, like the piercing eye of Sauron himself!

Well then! A good place to start would be our dev blog. You can also follow us on twitter, or on the facebooks.