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Lessons on Animating from a Birds-eye View

The top down world of The UnEarth Initiative has been a new experience for us, from both a design and an animation perspective. Working comedy into our game has been a priority for us from the beginning, and coming up with visual jokes that read from a bird’s-eye view has presented its own unique set of challenges. We have a lot of experience with making traditional platform games like Ratchet & Clank, where particular attention is paid to how animations look from a eye-level perspective. Eye-level (and slightly above) medium, long, and over-the-shoulder shots are all perspectives from which...
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the shallow end of the Gene Pool!    
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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from The UnEarth Initiative! Get your family the gift that keeps on giving – volunteer them for a position on the next available colony ship! (If you’re thinking you haven’t seen this alien before – this may be a first sighting!)
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Our latest exciting announcement is that we’ve now got a composer for the game, the ever talented Ben Burnes! Here’s a little background for those of you new to Ben’s music: Ben is a Minnesota-based artist who has been writing music for over 15 years and has 6 independently released albums. If you asked most people to describe him in as few words as possible, you would probably end up with a list like tall, beard, and music.Creating under the name Abstraction, he works towards creating music with depth and story. He has worked on many video game soundtracks over the past few years,...
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This weekend, we’ll be showing at Indiecade 2014! If you plan on attending, come by our booth and get a chance to examine the game first hand! If you’re standing around, quibbling about whether or not you should attend, well, that’s the sort of behavior that’s likely to get you consumed by a Sandworm. But we’ll add some motivation to go here (as though playing The UnEarth Initiative wasn’t enough!) We hope to see you this weekend, and we’ll be posting an update here on how the show went afterwards, for those of you who would prefer to experience the world...
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