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Big News!

You may be wondering why it’s been so long since we last posted. I am NOT saying that we were kidnapped by strange men in black coats in an unmarked van who forced us to add subliminal messages to the game and all of our posts. I am calm, and no one is watching me. But during the last several months in our small, cramped priso- uh, room, we have managed to make enormous improvements to the game. Improving myself begins with this game. First off, we have set up a pre-order site! Every pre-order we get is not only a guaranteed copy of the game for you, but supports our efforts and lets us make that...
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Mystery Plague

Lucky Lammerson’s Journal Day 407 Dear Journal, If there’s ever a day that I regret embezzling that money from Froyo Universe’s employee retirement funds, it’s today. After a year stuck on this rock in the middle of nowhere, I thought that things were finally turning around for me. We were finally surviving off those alien roots we found (tasty, even if they gave most of us gas), and with the new Hover Sheep herd, the Colony’s fabricator was churning out nicer beds and clothing every day. Then Fritz Burdock comes back one day from one of his scouting trips, and he’s just scratching all...
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Creature Profile: Globite

Name: Globite Species:Species: Limosus Informis Size: 1m x 2m (Typically, but may expand when absorbing objects or people.) Description: “Ode To a Globite” by Ira Undersweep Oh Globite, Oh Globite, Your amorphous mass, Reminiscent of Mother’s meatloaf, or that goo I found on my boot yesterday. So slick, so slimy, The slightest touch will eat through my glove, my Omni Tool, my shrink wrapped issue #1 of Space Colony Six, Yet only gently caress my flesh. Globite, please leave before you consume my Rovot. The Globite is one of the odder lifeforms that colonists in the UnEarth Initiative...
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Creature Profile: Sandworm

Name: Sandworm Species: Lumbricus vulcano Size: 50cm (Juvenile), 10m (Adult) Description: Dear Diary – Anyhoo, I Hope you’re sitting down, cause I’ve got something big to tell you… I’m in love! His name is Kevin and there’s no other way to say it but… he’s a Sandworm! Now before you go “oh, gross” and stuff, let me tell you about what an adorable pet he makes. (Had you going there, didn’t I?) I adopted Kevin two days ago, right after I freed him from Ender Talbot’s biohazard research station. I know, I know – technically...
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Creature Profile: Hoversheep

Creature Profile XZ1174i   Name: Hover Sheep Species: Ovis Volans Size: 1m Description: The Hover Sheep is a common denizen of many habitable planets1.  A peaceful, simpleminded creature, hoversheep tend to float their way through grassy meadows, eating whatever vegetation can be found – grass, bushes, or your crops. No one knows how hoversheep manage to navigate through the air, although it is widely known that their wool is responsible for the sheep’s ability to hover, and hover wool is widely used for sweaters, socks, and a number of atmospheric flying craft engines. Once a hoversheep...
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