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Graphics Improvements, and the State of the UEI!

Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone who has backed us on Kickstarter so far! We are excited to see a lot of enthusiasm for the game. If you weren’t already aware, The UnEarth Initiative is on Steam Greenlight, so head on over and give us your vote! We’ve had a very positive response on Greenlight, with over 2000 Yes votes so far. As the Kickstarter continues, we have also continued to work on the game. The game is still in an early pre-Alpha state, so not only is there a great deal to be implemented, but we will continually be iterating on the visuals throughout the project. Here are a...
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Kickstarter and Steam!

We’ve got a couple of big announcements today that we’re pretty excited about! First, we’re launching a Kickstarter for The UnEarth Initiative! Check out the Kickstarter page for a video filled with new gameplay shots and in depth information about the game! We are also moving The UnEarth Initiative from Steam’s Greenlight “Concept” area into the main part of Greenlight. So if you’d like to see The UnEarth Initiative available through Steam, please head over there and vote for us! We will continue to distribute information through our Greenlight and Concept...
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Tools, Machines, and You!

Weapons, Tools, Machines and You “A bad workman always blames his tools.”  Since you’ll be headed off into space with some questionably trained people, you’ll need plenty of tools to distribute the blame a little more evenly! —  —–  — Welcome back to another update on how to run your own space colony as part of The UnEarth Initiative. This week we’ll be talking about tools, machines, and the things you’ll need to build if you’re one of those over-achiever types who wants their colony to survive longer than a week. When we talk about “tools”, we...
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Rovots and You

Hi folks! I’m Peter Hastings – the programmer on the UnEarth Initiative. A few weeks ago, John told you all about our plans for rovotic companions. He also alluded to the fact that they’d be programmable – and that’s what I’d like to fill you in on: Each rovot that you construct in the game is actually a fully complete, programmable computer. Like futuristic Roombas, you’ll be able to command them to patrol sections of your colony, repair damage, or water your house plants while your colonists are away. How do you do that, exactly? Well, the UnEarth universe if full...
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Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays from all of us at Inkling Games!
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