Creature Profile: Sandworm

Name: Sandworm

Species: Lumbricus vulcano

Size: 50cm (Juvenile), 10m (Adult)



Dear Diary –
Anyhoo, I Hope you’re sitting down, cause I’ve got something big to tell you… I’m in love!

His name is Kevin and there’s no other way to say it but… he’s a Sandworm! Now before you go “oh, gross” and stuff, let me tell you about what an adorable pet he makes. (Had you going there, didn’t I?)

I adopted Kevin two days ago, right after I freed him from Ender Talbot’s biohazard research station. I know, I know – technically illegal, but what are they gonna do, kick me off-planet? Har-har! Besides, free people free others, that’s what I always say.

After we escaped, I took him to straight to the dog park for some fresh air. Let me tell you, he was so excited to play with the others that he almost choked on a space dog! It’s owner was kind of a pill about it, though, and I’m still like, “Why do people have to overreact like that?” I mean nobody says anything when human babies put things in their mouths, right? It’s called teething, people!

And he’s such a hugger! In fact, he near half-suffocated me with his little tentacles when I kissed him good night last night. I swear, if he gets any bigger I’m going to have to start blowing him kisses.

Okay, gotta go- I think I hear my little squirmer waking up. He’s probably hungry again!

Love (and in love!),
Hoboa Higgins

Anyone with an extensive underground base has reason to fear the discovery of sandworms on their planet. Lurking in the depths of the earth, these creatures are disturbed by deep drilling, whether it’s for resources or to expand your base. Once disturbed, sandworms are attracted to the colony and can burst through walls, damaging property and grabbing and consuming unwary colonists. A wise colony sets up defense systems against incursions by sandworms, or equips its colonists with weapons until the danger passes. Once in a while, a sandworm will spawn several baby sandworms. Will these adorable little invertebrates grow up to be family pets, or consume half of your colony? There’s only one way to find out!

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