Creature Profile: Globite

Name: Globite

Species:Species: Limosus Informis

Size: 1m x 2m (Typically, but may expand when absorbing objects or people.)



“Ode To a Globite” by Ira Undersweep
Oh Globite,
Oh Globite,
Your amorphous mass,
Reminiscent of Mother’s meatloaf, or that goo I found on my boot yesterday.
So slick, so slimy,
The slightest touch will eat through my glove, my Omni Tool, my shrink wrapped issue #1 of Space Colony Six,
Yet only gently caress my flesh.
Globite, please leave before you consume my Rovot.

The Globite is one of the odder lifeforms that colonists in the UnEarth Initiative have encountered in their travels. A translucent, pulsating mass, the Globite seems to ooze across the ground. The Globite is attracted to any non-living matter, and seems to prefer fabricated materials above natural inorganic matter. It will spit goo at anything it attempts to consume, to soften it before the Globite attaches part of its body to absorb the object’s nutrients. On some unfortunate occasions, it has absorbed entire colonists into its body. Fortunately, the makeup of the Globite is such that the colonists themselves are unharmed, although the same cannot be said for their equipment, or clothing. A Globite loose in a base is a dangerous prospect, as it regards the colony in much the same way as you might regard a Las Vegas buffet. The Globite will continue to consume until it has left an empty shell of your home.

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  1. I like that the creature is harmless to people. It sets it apart from more traditional equipment eating monsters. Nice!

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