Mystery Plague


Lucky Lammerson’s Journal
Day 407

Dear Journal,
If there’s ever a day that I regret embezzling that money from Froyo Universe’s employee retirement funds, it’s today. After a year stuck on this rock in the middle of nowhere, I thought that things were finally turning around for me. We were finally surviving off those alien roots we found (tasty, even if they gave most of us gas), and with the new Hover Sheep herd, the Colony’s fabricator was churning out nicer beds and clothing every day.

Then Fritz Burdock comes back one day from one of his scouting trips, and he’s just scratching all over and sneezing. Two days later, he breaks out in this weird purple fungal looking stuff, three other people start sneezing, and the Doc says that maybe we’ve encountered a new illness. (Thanks for the news, Doc! An unlicensed vet practice on Earth does not count as medical credentials.) Well, Fritz is dead now, ten others are confined to their beds, and half the colony is scratching, sneezing, or look like they’re covered in the growth from under my sink.

My plan? I’ve taken half the Colony’s supplies, and I’ve locked myself in my room with them. If people start knocking on my door, well, I’ve also managed to set up three laser turrets in here too. Maybe you shoulda thought more before making me part of the Colony Defense Team? Good luck suckers, but I’m riding this one out safely!

The Mystery Plague

The Mystery Plague is one of many events you can encounter on one of the alien worlds of UEI. Illness can easily be brought back to the Colony from scouting missions or contact with an infected creature. Once one of your colonists is infected, it can spread to other colonists through contact. While a simple solution may be to quarantine the affected individuals, a cure is even more preferable. And there are other rumors as to rare mutations that may arise in individuals who manage to survive the plague. But what sort of person would deliberately infect individuals with a potentially deadly illness?

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