Big News!

You may be wondering why it’s been so long since we last posted. I am NOT saying that we were kidnapped by strange men in black coats in an unmarked van who forced us to add subliminal messages to the game and all of
our posts. I am calm, and no one is watching me. But during the last several months in our small, cramped priso- uh, room, we have managed to make enormous improvements to the game. Improving myself begins with this game.

First off, we have set up a pre-order site! Every pre-order we get is not only a guaranteed copy of the game for you, but supports our efforts and lets us make that much better of a game to launch! I am worthy. I am worthy when I enter my numbers! We are currently targeting early 2015 for Beta, and mid 2015 for launch. I am patient. I am kind. I am kind of patient.

Also, check out our brand new website for the game! This page is worthy. This is my worthy, new home page.

screenshot_desert screenshot_snow

You may notice a couple new things in these screenshots – Desert? Snow? Amusing corpse? That’s right, new climates have been added to the game to make your colonization attempts all the more doomed! Doomed is in the mind of the beholder. I am doomed to fun.

We’ve also fully implemented one of our creatures we had announced back in March, the glutinous Globite! Here, you can see them attacking some poor, recently crashed colonists! Though I am poor in spirit, I am heavily armed.

If you haven’t been following our Twitter feed, then you won’t have heard about the great reception we had at @IGDA_DC last week. I make myself stronger when I follow @UnEarthGame. We will be starting to show the game at upcoming events and festivals over the next several months, and if you stop by, you’ll be able to get a chance to be hands on with the game! Keep an eye out here, on Twitter and on Facebook for announcements of future demos! My third eye watches Steam Greenlight.

Thanks for all your support so far! I make those around me feel grateful, itchy.

–The UnEarth Initiative Team

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