Announcing our newest title, The UnEarth Initiative!

We admit it, things have been pretty quiet over here at Inkling. Sure, we released an iOS game earlier this year, and we’ve been doing some contracting, but a lot of that time has been spent on our newest internal project:

The UnEarth Initiative Logo

What is The UnEarth Initiative?

It’s a 3D humor-filled science fiction sim game. Set in the 31st century, Earth is coping with its overpopulation issues by flinging its least desirable citizens into outer space in ships held together by duct tape and chewing gum. After crashing at your destination, your crew has set out to explore and survive on an alien world. But it won’t be easy managing a motley crew of ex-convicts, political subversives and unstable citizens. If you can band them together into a team, and overcome their… eccentricities, you can build a successful colony. If not, well, there are plenty more eligible “volunteers” back on Earth!

Here’s a quick video and some screenshots to check out. This is way pre-Alpha, so this is a first glimpse into very early builds!

Screenshot Colony InteriorScreenshot Colony Interior 2Screenshot Colony ExteriorScreenshot In The Mine



We want UEI to focus on a balance between building a safe home and sending out colonists to scout around the planet for new resources, often in the form of alien creatures or plants. Every world is populated randomly, so you never know what resources or threats you’ll uncover. Occasionally, you may run into another alien race hopefully looking to trade… or maybe looking for a fight.

Science fiction and humor go hand in hand in our heads. We’ve got a light, fun cartoony style with bright colors and funny animations. Here are some concepts that will give you an idea of the sort of life you might encounter on an alien world in UEI:

Creature Concepts



Complicating matters are the colonists themselves. Your “volunteers” were not exactly picked from the brightest and the best, and they’ve all got their own quirks for you to deal with. Fortunately, they’re accompanied by their faithful companions, the Rovots. These little guys are fully programmable, eager to please, and have been given a Man’s Best Friend behavior module to soften the hearts of even the most hardened of marooned criminals!


In the upcoming months, we’re going to be frequently posting in here and giving everyone a glimpse into our design, plans, and new art. We’re really excited to finally be able to share this with everyone!

Before I sign off, though, I want to take a quick moment and tell you who is behind UEI.

Shortly after Lonely Ship came out, Peter and I discussed an idea for a new title. Of course, Peter and I had worked together for years at Insomniac before we ever became partners, and anyone who wants to know all the details can look over at our bios.

But we both wanted UEI to look great, and for that, we needed help. Peter and I had both worked with John Lally in the old days of Insomniac. Peter and John went as far back as Spyro, and I joined them both on the first Ratchet title. John is just an amazing artist, animator, and one of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with. But as an animator, rigger, and one of the writers on the original Ratchet & Clank games, his talents are always in demand, so we were worried he’d be unavailable. We outlined our idea – and John was just as excited as we were! He’s been working away on everything from modeling to rigging to animation, and as an incredibly funny guy himself, he’s increased the humor on the title approximately 500%.

We also were looking for a great concept artist. A couple years back, Inkling was working on an unannounced title, when someone started following me on Twitter. Being the era of cyber-stalking, and procrastinating from getting work done, I followed the account back to a blog of an incredibly talented student artist – Janice Chu. Proving that avoiding work totally pays off, I offered Janice some concept work on our title, and she proved just as great as I hoped. Janice was graduating, and we hoped she’d be free to join us as a concept artist. The rest is history, and she’s behind all the beautiful concepts you see here.

I’m sure there’s going to be lots of questions, and we’ll field them as best we can. In addition to this page, you can find us on twitter at @UnEarthGame and Facebook on The UnEarth Initiative page. We’re looking forward to a great road ahead!

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