Graphics Improvements, and the State of the UEI!

Hey everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has backed us on Kickstarter so far! We are excited to see a lot of enthusiasm for the game.

If you weren’t already aware, The UnEarth Initiative is on Steam Greenlight, so head on over and give us your vote! We’ve had a very positive response on Greenlight, with over 2000 Yes votes so far.

As the Kickstarter continues, we have also continued to work on the game. The game is still in an early pre-Alpha state, so not only is there a great deal to be implemented, but we will continually be iterating on the visuals throughout the project. Here are a couple of examples of some of the many improvements we’ll be adding:

  • Shadows – ‘Nuff Said!
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
  • Ambient Occlusion – For those of you who don’t count themselves as graphics gurus, we’ve included a helpful gif here demonstrating the difference with ambient occlusion added!


Stay tuned for the first of our Creature Profiles, detailing out some of the lifeforms that can be encountered in your new home!

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